Thursday, November 12, 2009

Old School Solution

A couple of years ago, 2 friends of mine decided to grow sweet corn. Scott has been in Los Cabos for a lot of years and is always looking for some kind of project. Maybe the projects are always looking for him, not sure. John has been involved with the organic farm produce sales and marketing since day one I think. He's another guy who doesn't let any grass grow under his feet. So they found a few acres of good land and managed to harvest some corn last year. According to reports, the corn was GREAT! This year they went about prepping and planting etc. Finally Scott needed to use John's 1950 tractor to continue getting the planting done. It wouldn't start. After examining the engine, he found that the gear on the distributor shaft was broken. He looked around and wasn't able to find a way to repair or replace it. After much thought Scott decided he could make it work. He mounted the distributor in such a way that he could power it from the shaft of the engine. Bicycle sprockets were used to get the gear ratio right. Take a look at the video. This is old school.

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