Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baja Facts

Hey I'm back. I've been busy and sidetracked and frankly, uninspired. I did start walking every morning since I last posted. Haven't really exercised in 3 years and I'm already feeling more energetic. I received an added bonus the other morning when we found a turtle hatch that had just finished: An inverted pyramid area about 20 feet wide at the beach tapering back to the nest covered with little bitty turtle tracks. My walking partner, Bridgette, demanded that I dig through the nest and make sure all the little buggers made it out and whaddya know? There was a single straggler whom we had the pleasure of introducing to his new habitat. This type of thing might turn me into a flaming cactus-hugger! Naaahhhhhh

What prompted my post today is a couple of articles I found on the web. The first was a mis-informed piece about murders in Mexico that placed heavy emphasis on murder and failed to explain that what they were reporting was exclusively drug-related. So I started looking up numbers and "facts" which in principle are also called "truths" but are hard to come by these days. The first link here has some "hard" numbers and provides their sources. Page down from here and start reading at "The Truth About Safety In Mexico" to see the data and links. This page offers good general advice about your vacation in Los Cabos. It's actually a lot of common sense but there are some good tidbits to be found too. The third post I'll share came from a blog that quotes Reuters News and surprised me but hey, could they print it if it wasn't true??? You can borrow my rose-colored glasses if you're having trouble with that last question.

That's all I have for now. I'm working on a couple of stories and my first interview. Stay tuned.

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