Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Near Rancho la Venta

Man what a little rain will do for the countryside.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hurricane Hilary

I added a link in the top menu bar to check the latest hurricane weather. It goes directly to the Wonderground Pacific hurricane page. It looks exactly like the graphic above.

Speaking of weather... If you are curious about historical conditions here on the East Cape, click on the weather gadget on the left side of the blog.  That takes you to the Wonderground administered site for individual weather stations. You be looking at data from our station which is in the Spa.  If we have a good rain, you can see how much there was.  If we have a good blow, you can see the wind speed.  Sorry, won't show if the fish are biting.

Friday, September 23, 2011

5 x 8 Loadrunner single axle cargo trailer

$2495.00  cell: 624-156-2820 
or 624-151-5807

Used one time from Salem Oregon to Los Barriles (Almost new!)
GVWR: 2990 GAWR: 3500 lbs.
Dimensions: 11' 8" outside length; 6' 10" outside width.
6' 2"/80" overall height. (Extra Height 6 inch).
Spring suspension, EZ lube hubs with grease caps.
Tires: Bias-Ply , 15" White Modular (5 hole on 4 1/2).
Frame: 2 in. x 3 in. tube, 2" X 2" Angle cross members.
3/4" Exterior grade plywood floor, Upgrade to 3/8 inch walls.
4 inch Drop Spring Axles.
Sand Pad for Jack.
2 in. coupler.
LED tail lights.
4 Wall ties, 4 Surface mount floor ties,
Upgrade to Radial Tires, Interior mount w/spare.
ATP Fenders.
Hitch lock.
Secure door lock.
Adjustable drop stinger.
Swing-down tilt protector.
Air vents


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Internet Rumors and Innuendo

This post is not specific to Baja but to humanity in general. Let me apologize in advance to my 'lecturing' tone. I've tried to soften it.

Before the internet, we had the telephone (instant communication), before the phone,(and telegraph), the only form of live news was voice. Today, with the internet connecting literally BILLIONS of people, a single comment can become the unverified truth in minutes.

My wife received the "Costa Rica Turtle Egg Harvest" email this morning. I've seen it before. This is a good example of someone using real pictures and falsifying a story. At first glance, you see what looks like a whole village of people gathering zillions of turtle eggs. The horrifying photos are accompanied by a story that claims the evil villagers are quickly sending the turtles towards extinction. Looks bad but remember that the same internet can be used to verify a story in seconds.  Google 'Costa Rica Turtle Egg Harvest'.

I've received and heard of many such hoax emails.  The turtle egg story might evoke strong emotions;   how about the 'Nigerian Bank' scam. Google that one.  Wow!!!

I still think the best way to spread rumors is face to face. At least that way you have a chance of backtracking to the originator of the rumor!! By the way, you know what I herd? Sheep. (works better verbally...) Ok, no more preaching but there will certainly be more bad jokes.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Blood donors needed!!

Hi folks. Just got back from the states to find that our friend Susan Tucker is still in the hospital and needs blood. I also saw that Amparo's sister is in need of blood. Please check this link for more information. Thanks. Bob