Sunday, October 30, 2011

Music This Week on the East Cape

You have plenty of music events to choose from on the East Cape for the first week of November. Monday night the local band 'Los Viejos' will be playing the Trinidad RV Park. Music starts at 7. Mike will have good eats all ready to go. Enjoy a relaxing evening of mix of rock, blues and country.

Following the gig at Trinidad, the Roadrunner Cafe will host her first Wednesday open music night for 2011. Happy hour runs from 5 to 7. There will be appetizers, drinks/cerveza and desserts available. Casual atmosphere, no cover charge just a fun time with friends.   624-151-5807  for more info

And last but certainly not least, on Saturday November 5, the East Cape Art Association will have it's 2nd annual music festival. Just below the photo is a link where you will find the details and ticket info.


Follow this link for full details:  Los Barriles Music Fest

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bisbee's Black and Blue Wrapup

And the winner is....

 Bad Medicine!!
You never know how this is going to turn out. Their first day fish won the overall prize. Great job guys.
See the final standings at  Great site with all the data and lots of videos.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bisbee's Black and Blue Day Two Results

There were a lot of fish hooked today but only one weighed. Francisco Navarro fishing aboard the Pegasus landed a 329# Blue in about 9 minutes. He was entered in all the daily prize categories except 5 and 10 thousand. Their catch earned them 3rd place in the overall team standings. Congratulations to Francisco and crew for making the most of their opportunity. Got to the CatchStat site for more details.

Bisbee's Black and Blue Day One Results

Sounds like the first day of the Bisbee Black and Blue Marlin Tourney got off to a good start.  At last report, bad medicine was holding the top spot with a 409# Blue.  Here's a short video of the weigh in. Like I said before, if you can get over to the docks, it's pretty exciting watching the fish come in.

You can see all the results and videos from day 1 over at ''

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

746 LB Marlin Caught!


746-Pound Monster Marlin Caught on Bisbee Registration Day!

The Little Boat that Could…Pisces’ Tracy Ann!

Click here to read the story!

Open Music Returns to the Roadrunner Cafe

It's official.  The Roadrunner Cafe will have its first open music for the upcoming season on Wednesday, November the 2nd.  I've kept track of many of our musicians this summer. There are several here already and many more coming.  Should be a great start!  If you've never joined us before, you're missing a real nice evening. There is always a variety of musical styles for almost any taste.  Well, we haven't had rap yet.  But we had sea chanties one night!

This year we will have happy hour from 5 to 7.  If you come early, you can watch Jon the sound guy struggle with the sound equipment while Bob follows him around offering absolutely the most un-sound (no pun intended) advice ever heard. Donna, Mayte and Co. will have appetizers and desserts to offer also.
Be there!
624-156-2820   cell
124-8038          Roadrunner

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Bisbee's Black and Blue is Due!

It's starting again: The 18th of October marks the umpteenth running of the Bisbee's Black and Blue Marlin Tournament. Hundreds of fishermen and ladies, pro and amateur, are going to plow the fertile waters around the Cape of San Lucas. Here they hope to catch and land the top prize which amounts to a small mountain of moolah!!! There have been several very large marlin caught already this fishing season including a behmoth Blue that was initially believed to be a genuine grander!!

I can't tell you anything about marlin fishing. But I can tell you that if you want to enjoy the Bisbee tournament, go hang out at the marina in Cabo for a few hours. Do some shopping, have lunch but keep an eye open for a crowd forming by the weigh-in scale. When the fish start coming in, it is exciting. One day at the 2010 tournament, an 800 pounder was weighed TEN MINUTES after the scales closed. It would have beaten the daily winner by 200 pounds.

Oh the joy of victory and the agony of defeat.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Colorful History of Hotel California

I found this in the online version of 'Escapes' magazine which is the official publication of Coldwell Banker Riveras. Great article, I think you'll enjoy it.

By Romana

The Hotel California was founded in, 1947, by a Chinese immigrant named Mr. Wong. After three years of construction, it opened on February 5, 1950,.  Mr. Wong lived in the 16 room hotel with his wife and seven daughters.  Wanting the locals to believe he was Mexican, Mr. Wong changed his name to Don Antonio Tabasco which didn’t work as well as he had planned since he soon became known as “El Chino,” meaning “The Chinese Man” rather than Don Antonio Tabasco.