Monday, August 17, 2009

Roadrunner Cafe & the new Bakery

Well I suppose in the interest of keeping peace at home, I should give you a tour of my wife's restaurant and her bakery. She opened a diner-style cafe, the Roadrunner, in Los Barriles 3 years ago and has just opened a bakery in the same plaza, Plaza del Pueblo.

The diner is a real cute little place with red and white tiles, booths, barstools and music playing most of the time. We actually did the tile work ourselves as well as quite a bit of other things including building the table tops.
When there are enough musicians in town, she occasionally offers music on Sundays. It has been very popular and a lot of fun.
She also hosts special events either inside or out on the covered patio.
The bakery idea started forming in Donna's mind a few months ago. I tried to talk her out of it for my own selfish reasons but was getting nowhere. I pointed out that she was self-taught and really didn't know exactly what she was doing. She countered with something like "then you don't have to eat any of my baked goods." That called for a change of tactics. One day after I had formed a new path of attack, all neat and logical, one of our local restaurant folks walked in and started ordering bread by the gunny-sack full. She liked that idea a lot better than mine.
So there's a new bakery in the Plaza del Pueblo. Come check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Hola Bob and Donna...Sending some MD's to your place while they are there on a B-Day
fishing trip...Congrats on your new Coffee Shop/Bakery..
KT (neighbor from Gringo Hill too many years ago)Living in Santa Cruz, Ca..OR Nursing much
easier than running the La Playita Restaurant,back in 05'-06'Best to you both...