Sunday, August 2, 2009

East Cape Bisbee Awards Banquet

Just one more post about the Bisbee...... The awards banquet was fabulous. Very typically Baja; it was supposed to get started at 7pm but didn't really go until 8. I lived in Alaska a long time so I know about regional scheduling offset...... The food was delicious thanks to the crew at el Hotel Buena Vista, and the service was genuinely pleasant. The Governor of Baja California Sur, Narciso Agundez, was there with an entorage to congratulate the winners. Clicerio Mercado, an old friend from the restaurant business and the coordinator for the Bisbees in Mexico, announced the awards in Spanish and Wayne Bisbee announced in broken English. (By the way, Clicerio is a philathropist and has spent countless hours helping the orphans of Cabo San Lucas. I love this guy.)

I had a little more than passing interest this year. My employer "Cabo Riviera Resort" sponsored the event. We are building a beautiful marina that consists of channels and islands so that you can dock your boat next to your house. It'll also have a Pete Dye golf course. I have no doubts that someday the tournament will be based from the resort. We'll see.

So the guys from "Tracking International" interviewed Dave, Clicerio and me on the beach. If you're completely masochistic, go to my Shutterfly site and page down until you see it.

This was another great tournament. No controversy, great sportsmanship and a chance to hang out with like-minded folks. LOTS of fish released. Only 2 legal blues were caught but in my estimation it was still a great success.

Here's the final results:

2009 Bisbee’s East Cape Standings

53 Teams, $274,350.00 Cash Awards
101 Billfish Caught, 95% Release Ratio
Top Marlin
Cap’n Jake – Kent Andersson – 341.0 lbs. (blue) – $19,391.40
Mi Corazon – Keith Jones – 310.0 lbs. (blue) – $7,824.60
Top Dorado
Sails Call – Alfredo Lucero – 57.2 lbs. – $9,072.00
Top Tuna
Fisherman – Daniel Fisher – 174.4 lbs. (yellowfin) – $9,072.00
Top Release Teams
Alegria 1200 points (2 blue, 4 striped marlin, 2 sailfish)
Off the Hook 1100 points (2 blue, 5 striped marlin)
Hang ‘Em High 900 points (3 blue marlin)
Marlin Jackpots
Day 1 & Day 2 – Mi Corazon – $116,960.00
Day 3 – Cap’n Jake – $58,480.00
Gamefish Jackpots ‐ Dorado
Day 1 – Sails Call – $8,925.00
Day 2 – Dottie B II – $8,925.00
Day 3 – Lucky Hooker – $8,925.00
Gamefish Jackpots ‐ Tuna
Day 1 & Day 2 – Slippery Lizzard – $17,850.00
Day 3 – Fisherman – $8,925.00

Felicidades la familia Bisbee!!!!

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