Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hurricane Dora

In case you haven't been paying attention, hurricane Dora is within striking distance.  The consensus of the prognosticators has her missing Baja Sur to the West.  Let's hope they are right!!  Check the Weather Underground site for updates. Here's a look at a 5 day forecast as of 5 PM EDT JUL 20 2011.

If you are here in Baja Sur and are new to hurricanes, here's the place to read about hurricane preparations. There are a few things to consider when facing a hurricane but at least nowadays we have grocery stores and can buy gas. I'll never forget waiting in a line that must have been a half mile long waiting for my turn to buy gas. You had to assume that the arroyos would be full of water and that the gas trucks wouldn't get here for days or more. Now we have gas stations on every corner and bridges across the arroyos!! Woo Woo!!! Donna and I even broke down and bought a generator a couple of years ago. Of course there weren't any mega grocery stores either. Shelves were almost empty before the storm ever arrived. When I lived in the cold country, I worried about freezing to death in the dark. Not anymore.......

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