Monday, March 21, 2011

Entrepreneurs in Mexico

The following article is an email from my pal Ed who is having an interesting time in Mexico this year.

Thanks everybody for the responses to my first report from Baja! Now it is time for an update.
Eileen is back from the Yucatan and is now selling Chiclets at the Tijuana border crossing. I’ve lost my singing and dancing job at Buzzard’s so I sold all my fishing gear and bought a second-hand Snap-On rollaway tool box, a Coleman stove and a lantern. I’ve converted it all into an “Ed’s Best Beans and Tacos” stand. Viva free enterprise and an honest peso!! Eileen is complaining about driving the Subaru because I used the bumper jack to make my tortilla press. She has negotiated the wholesale purchase of nine large portraits of Elvis on black velvet. I told her “Don’t let your business expansion replace quality”. Chiclets to Elvis is a big jump.

Slim, the Mexican communications magnate, came into town and bought a taco. I told him how my wife and I got into business and asked him if he would care to franchise the Best Beans and Chiclets enterprise. He noticed one of the velvet Elvis paintings so I told him the story. He was interested but wanted his portrait sold as opposed to Elvis’……It was decision time for Eileen………………
Love, Ed

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