Thursday, October 28, 2010

Music Night

Thanks to those who skipped the ball game and joined us last night. We had a nice crowd and a truly unruly bunch of musicians.  The songlist was all over the map with country hick songs requested by yours truly to nice jazz standards like "girl from ipanima." This week our "band" lineup included  Maya (percussion, guitar, vocals, 3 or 4 other things), Jennette (guitar, percussion and vocals), Big Jim (guitar, standup bass, vocals and safety supervision), Ray (standup bass) Mary Mary (guitar and vocals), Mad Mike (drums) Vinnie (accordian and vocals), Easy Ed (harmonica), Dave (guitar and vocals), Rio (vocals).  (I think I left somebody out. If I did, email me.  I'll mention you twice next time.) There is lots of talent within our little community and lots of talent that passes through.   Huge thanks to the musicians. Great job. Only a couple of us practice together on a regular basis. 

Next week Roadrunner Cafe will serve dinner. The restaurant will be open to serve you at 6PM on Wednesday the 3rd.  I don't have the complete menu but the main course is spiral ham. We also have great desserts and cerveza, wine and well drinks.

Music will start about 7; we'll play until 9 or so.  Musicians: Please come a bit early if you can.

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