Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cabo Fierro

Most of you know that I work for Cabo Riviera. The location of the development is a 600 acre parcel on the coast by La Ribera. Before it was purchased by the Cabo Riviera group, this property had been controlled by a local "ejido" since after the revolution in 1910.

Speaking of the revolution.....       That wasn't a real smooth segue was it?
But if you're interested in old stories and history, stay with me for a couple of minutes.

There is some old rubble on the property, literally buried in salt ceders. Remains is a better description; there are only a couple of recognizable objects.  I mentioned this to a young man who works with us named Diego. He told me that it was the site of "Cabo Fierro." As near as I can tell, during the years prior to the revolution, some local fellows were opposing the rule of Porfirio Diaz.  Troops were soon dispatched to re-educate the miscreants. The soldiers found the trouble makers holed up in a building built with thick, brick walls. The bullets were unable to penetrate the walls and the protesters survived the attack. Naturally they became instant heroes.*  According to Diego, the site where I found the rubble is the area where the anti-Porfirio folks were attacked.

Months later a lady I work with, Cristina, and I happened by the spot again and decided to stop and take a look. We soon found a trail that the workers had opened up. Cristina dove right in with her camera in hand; I followed looking for snakes. At the end of the trail we found an old well and a small structure near and above it. It obviously had been abandoned for years.

After some fine detective work (standing in one place and looking around) we realized that the well was once the source of water for the old abandoned brick aqueducts that provided local farmers with irrigation. The brickwork had been there a long time before being repaired with concrete. On the side of the little structue, we found a drawing etched in the concrete and a date. The date is 1964 and the drawing is weird.

See what I mean?

I noticed that the workers were occasionally taking the old bricks from the site and stacking them.  After inquiring I was told that the bricks were being saved to be used in the Artists Village area of the Cabo Riviera.

If any of you have heard anything pertaining to this, please write.  It's pretty interesting.

(I was told that later the protesters were caught by surprise while celebrating in town and all killed but why ruin a good hero story?)

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