Monday, February 22, 2010

My new grandson

I am today officially a GREAT grandad. Although my buddies have assured me that I'm not that great. My wife's grand-daughter Erica gave birth to a dandy 6#9oz boy on Saturday. Not a record but for sure a KEEPER!! Everybody is fine except for Papa Jorge who is a bit nervous about handling his boy. (He'll get over that in a hurry, right??)
This young fella, Julien's the name by the way, makes the fifth generation of the Ryan clan in Los Barriles: Marcia, (she's 88 but don't tell her I said so) Marcia's daughter Donna(my wife), Donna's son Pat, Pat's daughter Erica and Erica's son Julien. Five. Pretty cool.
Here's some photos:


Anonymous said...

Hi Erica & Jorge,
Congratulations! So happy for you both, a wonderful baby boy! Really happy for you Erica, hope things went OK during the birth of your Son. Am sure Donna, Bob, Marsha, Pat and Mayte are all overjoyed, as well as Jorge's family. Many happy wishes!
Paga Bill Peterson

former roadrunner customer said...

Awesome news and congrats to all! Maybe the mother will now be too busy to work at the cafe!! We an only hope!!!!!!!!!!!

Biscuit Bob said...

I can only assume that the last comment was made by Erica's husband.....