Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to: Replace a headlight and lens in Baja

My brother-in-law happened to be riding in my car one of the few nights that it rained here in the winter. My headlight lens was broken and as soon as rain hit the light bulb, it burned out. I explained to him that I hadn't been able to find a lens here.

The day he left to return to the US, I found a note in the kitchen saying, "I bought you a headlight replacement kit. It's in your car." I was impressed. I couldn't figure out where he had found a kit for an '87 Cutlass.

Here's the kit as found in the car

Ok, lets see what we have here.

Ok, I have a light, clear tape and a coke bottle. That's it????

For starters, I know I have to put the bulb in. That's easy enough.

So far so good but I still have to figure out how in install the lens part of the kit. I'm getting an idea here, stay with me.

I'll cut this bottle and........

TAAAA DAAAA!!! Thanks Mike, you're the best. The kit worked perfecty.!!

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