Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fire at the Palmilla!

I heard earlier from two different sources who wish to remain anonymous that there was a severe fire in the Agua restaurant at the Palmilla hotel early this morning. Agua is located in the "original" Palmilla restaurant site. When the hotel changed hands several years ago, the basic restaurant was remodeled and the name "Agua" was added. I've only eaten there a couple of times but the food was amazing. (I'm more of a $10 pizza guy than a $300 lobster dinner guy but I promise you that I can tell the difference.) I'm pretty sure that even in these trying times, the owners of the Palmilla can afford to rebuild the restaurant but how long it will take is anybody's guess. My sympathies go out to the employees who will be laid off until the repairs are made.

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Anonymous said...

The fire was in 'Aqua' the new restaurant with the beautiful Palapa's, the other restaurant that was remodelled is called 'Market', formerly known as restaurant 'C' the remodelled orginal Palmilla Hotel Restaurant