Friday, July 31, 2009


Welcome to my blog "The Baja." I moved to San Jose del Cabo, BCS in 1997 and have lived in Baja full-time since then. I've survived several hurricanes, summer heat, winter cold (haha) and lots of interesting relationships. I'm going to share with you travel info, places to go, things to see, how to enjoy a routine police stop and many local personalities.

And to start with, we're in day 3 of the EAST CAPE BISBEE tournement. It's been slow but my neighbor Andrew who won this deal in 2006 is atop the leaderboard with a 310# blue marlin. There's only an hour left before lines in so he could very well have this thing in the bag. The tourney includes prizes for dorado and tuna. The top tuna is 100# and the dorado is around 57# I think.

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